There are some exciting improvements just around the corner here on the farm!  We’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise enough to finish some fall projects that are really important to us.

If everyone pledges just 10$ we’ll reach our goal in no time!

See it! Back it! Share it!

Check out details of the whole project HERE and see the tokens of gratitude being offered for your pledge to back this campaign!

These crowd funding campaigns are all about spreading the word, so we would be very grateful if you would share the video with your network of likeminded folks, and/or on linked-in, facebook, any list serves you’re a member of, shout it from the rooftop :) ; really anything you’d feel good about to get the project out there.

Fun Fact:   Our innovative Aquaponic farm used 1.5 Million gallons less water to grow it’s vegetables than it would have taken otherwise!!!

Our Pledge to you:   For every 3$ pledged toward the goal, a head of organic butter lettuce will be donated throughout this winter.

This means, every person that pledges $10, is supporting an organic farm, is feeding 3 families a local organic salad AND is helping to keep 1.5 Million gallons of water in the Rogue River this year!

Thanks so much for giving it a look and passing it on!