The Farming Fish’s Aquaponic Tilapia is Available in Portland!

Flying Fish Sustainable Seafood is featuring our fish this week launching Portland availability!
LOCALLY RAISED TILAPIA IS NOW A THING: Long time readers of this always on time weekly fish newsletter have heard us preach the gospel of aquaponics, the incredibly forward thinking sustainable farming method that produces both healthy fish and fresh produce. One of the best is the USDA certified organic farm The Farming Fish near the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. Beginning this past week, we now carry their Tilapia (gorgeous specimen pictured at left), grown in the same aquaponic system that produces basil. Whole fish or fillets, the Tilapia is delicious and it’s our feature product of the week, so take a peek down below for more, then take a crack at this week’s recipe.–Oregon-Tilapia–Cobia–Opah–Dungeness-Crab–Clams.html?soid=1104038856035&aid=UH646WirDno

Here’s a link to Flying Fish Sustainable Seafood full weekly offerings – They are carrying our tilapia and we wanted to let our friends in Portland know where to pick it up!!

Commercial Aquaponic Course – Year Round Growing



Course will be held in Spring 2015 – Check back for date or get added to the update list by emailing:

This course is much more than an introduction to Aquaponics – this premier west coast course will cover it all.  The course will feature both lectures and hands on experience in breakout sessions as well as bench top sessions on the farm.

Not only will you learn about construction and operation of a commercial facility first hand, but you will have access to the worlds leading researchers and innovators in Aquaponics for 4 days!

Take advantage of this opportunity to see world renowned researcher Charlie Shultz join with year round (yes, all four seasons) Aquaponic growers at The Farming Fish for this high level training.  He will lead an in-depth training on Commercial Aquaponics focusing on all aspects of commercial production in a year round growing system.

This course is geared toward commercial, year round production for prospective producers, current producers, farmers, educators, extension agents, students, researchers and policy makers alike in Aquaponics, Aquaculture and Hydroponics.  Many active leaders in the field will converge to share research, applied technologies and market outlooks.

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This intensive 4 day Commercial Aquaponic Course will be hosted at The Farming Fish, the largest Certified Organic Aquaponic system in the USA.  The Farming Fish is active in local as well as regional food system development and is currently distributing regionally year-round in the pacific northwest food system. See below here for topics scheduled.

Class Outline of topics2-page-001

A Comprehensive Look at Year Round Aquaponic Production:  Advanced Aquaponic research and development pairs with practical application in agriculture to help YOU propel this innovative, efficient, resource saving practice at the commercial level.


  • ·         4 Days of Course Work and Hands on Sessions

  • ·         Continental Breakfast as well as Lunch Each Day

  • ·         3 Southern Oregon Aquaponic Farm Tours

  • ·         Banquet Dinner and Social

  • ·         Copy of Presentations, Industry Information and Resources

  • ·         Certificate of Advanced Aquaponic Course Completion

Early bird discount through December 25, 2014.

2015 Commercial Aquaponic Course

Full Tuition for Registration after December 25, 2014.


Please contact for discount offers for Students or Groups.


You’re invited to a ‘FUN’-raising Celebration!

Fish tacos, pesto potatoe salad and much more!

Fish tacos, pesto potato salad and much more!

You’re invited to a ‘FUN’-raising Celebration!

Come Enjoy the Farm and a Fish Taco Dinner
Sunday August 31 from 3-7pm

We’re counting down the final days of our fundraiser this weekend. 

 If you haven’t seen the video, go to… 

The range of support and encouragement from so many people, from so many areas throughout this campaign has made us so grateful.

If you haven’t seen the Aquaponic farm …

Join us for fish tacos next weekend – Pledge what you can today or at the party & Invite your friends too!

Let’s celebrate Sunday from 3-5pm at the farm with: 

  • Greenhouse Tours
  • Fish Taco’s & Farm Fresh Dinner
  • Fun with Friends and Neighbors

Just $10 from enough people will get us there. 

Regardless of whether we reach the goal – It’s been

Incredible and we want to thank you!

Please RSVP Here – So we’re sure to have enough Tacos for everyone!!

14855 E. Evans Creek Road, Rogue River, OR

Check Out our Kickstarter Campaign Video

There are some exciting improvements just around the corner here on the farm!  We’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise enough to finish some fall projects that are really important to us.

If everyone pledges just 10$ we’ll reach our goal in no time!

See it! Back it! Share it!

Check out details of the whole project HERE and see the tokens of gratitude being offered for your pledge to back this campaign!

These crowd funding campaigns are all about spreading the word, so we would be very grateful if you would share the video with your network of likeminded folks, and/or on linked-in, facebook, any list serves you’re a member of, shout it from the rooftop :) ; really anything you’d feel good about to get the project out there.

Fun Fact:   Our innovative Aquaponic farm used 1.5 Million gallons less water to grow it’s vegetables than it would have taken otherwise!!!

Our Pledge to you:   For every 3$ pledged toward the goal, a head of organic butter lettuce will be donated throughout this winter.

This means, every person that pledges $10, is supporting an organic farm, is feeding 3 families a local organic salad AND is helping to keep 1.5 Million gallons of water in the Rogue River this year!

Thanks so much for giving it a look and passing it on!

Ladybug Friends in the Greenhouse

Kinky Ladybug Dance Party

Kinky Ladybug Dance Party

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday. Olivia and I thought we would share a little garden advice and introduce everyone to some good friends of ours, “Mr. and Missis Ladybug” This time of year when things get warmer and humid, the ants come about, especially quick in greenhouse production or gardening. More so in the fall in the outside garden, but our starts greenhouses tend to boost this dilemma. The Aphids thrive, the aphids are actually being raise or farmed by the ants.

Ants tending to aphid young

Ants tending to aphid young

The Ants take the eggs of the Aphids & raise them in their own nursery’s along with their own young! They attend the same classes, play together on the playground, the whole nine yards! Then they relocate them to their favorite food “Our Produce, Your favorite food!” then the now young adult aphids produce a sweet nectar from their abdomen, in gratitude of this symbiotic relationship. This nectar feeds the ants.

Aphids,ants and nectar

Aphids,ants and nectar

So with this understanding its important to attempt to control the Ants which is very hard, but we can have an significant impact on their population. Baits are a key for control. Boric acid or diatomaceous earth may be mixed with an attractant like sugar-water or honey to make your own. Ants carry it back to the nest and feed it to others in the colony. “Safer Company” offers an off the shelf organic version.

Ladybug and Ladybug Larvae

Ladybug and Ladybug Larvae

Now for the Aphids we prefer Ladybugs, Ladybugs sure love to munch on aphids their larvae do as well. Ladybug larva look like little red and black lizards. We introduce over 10,000 ladybugs to our greenhouse and farm every month. We also encourage their natural reproduction here on the farm and entice them to stay. Here’s how…We order them off the web, they arrive by mail. Then we spray a Ladybug Nectar that is a specially formulated nutritional supplement.

Ladybug eggs

Ladybug eggs

This feeds them sweets and keeps them around as well as-stimulates reproduction. Also we plant a mix of windflowers which they prefer to lay eggs on. When we come across their eggs while harvesting we keep them around by relocating them to ornamental plants to hatch out. In organic gardening its all about understanding the small things.  Attached you will find photos of most of this.

Ladybug munching on an aphid

Ladybug munching on an aphid

Happy Gardening! Grow good food!